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Dealer Information


The Toronto Card Show was established in 2006 and has since expanded to offer the following shows:

  • Toronto Card Show | Leaside Gardens

  • Toronto Card Show | Irish Embassy

  • Toronto Card Show | Amsterdam Brewery

  • Newmarket Card Show | Newmarket Community Centre

Our show is open to a variety of different vendors:

  • Average collectors who like to buy, sell, and trade as a vendor

  • Full-time and part-time sports card and memorabilia dealers

  • Hobby shop owners

  • Our show is open to anyone who is positive and has integrity

Every vendor is different:

  • Many specialize in hockey cards while others carry a broad mix of different sports

  • Some specialize in a particular sport or niche category

  • A mix of low end to mid end to high end is carried at the show

  • While the majority of product is sports cards, there is a good variety of memorabilia and other collectibles showcased

  • All vendors are open to buying, selling, and trading

We have a history of selling out each show. But when tables become available, we send a notification by email to our Vendor Contact List and reserve tables on a first come first serve basis giving everyone equal opportunity to setup at the show.

To learn more about becoming a vendor at our shows, please email us to receive our Vendor Information Package:

1. Please contact Frank Williamson via email at ''.

2. Please provide the following info:
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone #
(though 99% of communication will be done via email):
Business Name, if applicable:
Assistant's Name(s):
(the only people allowed behind your table):
Products You Wish To Sell:

3. We will send you the Vendor Information Package. Please read it and then let us know if you'd like to be added to our Vendor Contact List.

Please ensure all information is provided in your email so that you can be added to our Dealer Contact List. Thank You.

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